About Us

This site is our front end project for our cohort. Our group decided to focus on Crypto currency. With all the market swings and uptick in news coverage we figured it would be a great idea to have a one stop shop site for leading Blockchain news and education on market current conditions. With the rapid pace of growth, more and more people are interested in learning more, learning positives, learning negatives or just staying up to date with current events in this ever changing market. Encrypto is designed to give you all of this.

Our 4 team members vary in coding experience, from only 6 weeks of knowledge to 12 months plus. Together we put our brains together to bring the world enCrypto!

Meet The Team

Mike Williams

Mike is a 10 year Navy veteran with multiple forward deployed tours abroad. Background in human resource management. He got his start in fullstack development with the asperations to learn more about crypto currency and Blockchain mechanics and development.

Mike is a family man with 3 children who enjoys coding on the beach.

Andrena Alexandre

Andrena is an expert in CSS design, game programming and web development. Her background is in fullstack web development, sales, maketing and business development.

She enjoys creating games hopes to work with a video game software development company specialzing in Python and Javascript. She enjoys dad jokes, pina coladas and long walks on the beach.

Jose Tollinchi

Jose is an 21 year retired Army Veteran. Jose is a recognized expert in data analytics and blockchain technology and develpoment. Getting his start in software development by teaching himself the coding language C++. He is dedicated to the further development of blockchain and web3 development.

Jose develops code for the MT4 and MT5(limited development) platforms. He maintains complete discretion of proprietary investment strategy, software, methodology, and analytics. He perform research, design, and limited code development assignments within a specific software functional area or product line. Solve problems including the design of the program flow of individual pieces of code, effective coding, and unit testing.

Brandon Stinson

Brandon is a 10 year Navy Veteran with a backgorund in finance and business development. He started his career in the tech field with a dream to create websites and mobile apps for under served inner city communities.

Brandoon is dedicatred to creating better user experiences for everyone across all platforms and areas of business and community development. Through the beautiful of of software development he plans on changing the world.